Have you guys even now used to hearing the radio shows? Do you tune your mobile to the frequencies to listen to your favorite radio stations?

Then can you remember the famous king of Memphis radio, Bobby O’jay?

But sadly, the great DJ and radio star died in 2022. The whole internet was flooded with lots of condolence messages. But here in this article, we will discuss Bobby’s wife, Sharon O’Jay.

Most of the time, Bobby used to share interesting details about his wife; this showed their intimate lives to the world.

Bobby has left this world; what about his wife, Sharon? Is she alive or dead?

Read this full article to know the details about Bobby and his wife, Sharon.

Who is Booby O’jay?

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Booby Ojay was a popular radio DJ and the king of Memphis radio who worked at WDIA station.

He started working for the WDIA station in 1983, and his voice was heard in all corners of the United States.

And he has spent nearly 40 years at the USA’s first black radio station, WDIA.

Bobby was a talented radio DJ whose show was always on the top radio shows, which helped him interview many celebrities like Muhammed Ali, Whitney Houston, Rufus Thomas, Johnny Cochran, and many more.

So, in 2011, Bobby received the national radio Hall of Fame. Thus, his career path was indeed a mesmerizing one.

Death Facts about Sharon O’jay

2017 became very unfortunate for Bobby because his wife said a final goodbye to him.

Yes, Sharon died on July 18, 2017. She has been battling a long-term illness but decided to hold it up for her family and husband.

But we are all human beings, and we have our limits, so Sharon couldn’t hold on to her life and left the world in great agony.

One of Bobby’s colleagues shared a tribute message to Sharon on her death, and here it is.

“When people say my better half, Bobby was inseparable from his wife. She was his other half. Anyone who was a friend or colleague knew they meant the world to each other.

What happened to Booby O’jay after his wife’s died?

Sharon’s death devastated Booby’s life. The booby struggled a lot to overcome the pain. And after three years, an elderly love again bloomed for Bobby.

And he married another woman named Kim Ojayrleda in the year 2020. But this couple didn’t have any children for themselves.

Is Booby Ojay Dead or Alive?

We have discussed the death facts about Sharon, but sadly even our radio star is not with us; in March 2022, even he has reached heaven.

Initially, everyone thought it was just a death hoax by some scammers. But it is true because Bobby’s cousin and colleague have shared that Bobby is no longer in this world.

The real reason behind his death was unknown because it seemed very sudden. Only Bobby had cheerfully left the house and done his regular work the previous morning.

But the next day, he was no longer on Earth!

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Who is Booby Ojay’s Wife?

Booby Ojay’s wife’s name is Sharon Ojay. Sharon was not a new person to Booby’s fans because Booby used to share many things about his personal life.

Because he was my dearest love of life, to whom he had been married for 20 years!

And the couple has six kids,

  • Kacey
  • Chandi
  • Bonita
  • Joey
  • Joshua
  • Nicholas

Thus, Sharon indirectly claims her presence on all of Bobby’s radio shows. Even sometimes, she appears with her husband and shares many valid points to support vulnerable women worldwide.

Even though she was a celebrity wife, Sharon chose to stay calm and humble at all times.

Bottom Line

The article shares the real facts behind the death of famous radio star Bobby Ojay‘s wife, Sharon Ojay.

We can see that, as a fan, you might be heartbroken to hear the death news about Bobby and Sharon. But nature prevails over everything!

What is your favorite episode of “Bobby”? Comment on it.

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