Gabriela Berlingeri is a well-known Puerto Rican model, businesswoman, social media personality, jewelry designer, and online presence in addition to being a celebrity partner.

She is best known for dating renowned Puerto Rican singer and musician Bad Bunny, who is best known for his music.

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Who is Gabriela Berlingeri?

Gabriela Berlingeri
source: Instagram

Gabriela berlinger is a Puerto Rican Model. She is well known for being the girlfriend of Bad Bunny.

Moreover, she has more than a million followers on Instagram and is a well-known model and social media personality. She enjoys a good deal of popularity these days as a result of her connection to the renowned rapper Bad Bunny.

There was a rumor that Bunny was dating a girl in early 2020, but the girl’s name was unknown.

Additionally, in March 2020, he officially disclosed the name and identity of the woman he has been dating since 2017.

Age and Zodiac

She is 29 years old as of 2022. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius.

The eleventh sign of the zodiac is Aquarius, and members of this sign are ideal exemplars of the Aquarian Age. The social conscience required to lead us into the new millennium belongs to those born under this horoscope sign.

The Aquarius zodiac sign is characterized by compassion, philanthropy, and a strong desire to improve the world.

Visionaries and progressives at heart, Aquarians love to ponder how things might be made better.

They have a lot of friends and acquaintances because they are also quick to involve others in this process. In order to improve the world, Aquarians must work together.

Early Life of Gabriela Berlingeri

Gabriela Berlingeri-image
source: Instagram

Gabriela Berlingeri, who was born on December 29, 1993, in Puerto Rico.  She now lives there by herself.

Gabriela Berlingeri was eager to learn novel abilities. She graduated from a prestigious high school and was accepted to Puerto Rico’s Universidad del Sagrado Corazon.

She started working in her field as soon as she earned her bachelor’s degree.

They also created captivating films and shared images on social media. Many people congratulate them on their marriage. Everyone assumed they were engaged when Gabriela was spotted in 2020 wearing a diamond ring.

Then it was revealed that they are not engaged. After five years of blissful marriage, they want to spend many more years together.

Gabriela Berlingeri Career

Gabriela Berlingeri-images
source: Instagram

The woman is currently quite well-liked and has a sizable following of admirers. If you visit her social media accounts, you’ll notice that there are numerous pictures of her posing for her modeling profile picture.

Additionally, she received attention in Rolling Stone magazine. She also made an appearance in the “En Casita” music video by Bad Bunny, which was inspired by the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic.

He insisted that he first met his soul mate during a pandemic. Along with being a model, she also runs her own business and designs jewelry.

She founded her own company, “Diciembre,” where she sells reasonably priced locally-made rings, bracelets, chokers, chains, and other goods that are all handcrafted.

Bad Bunny, her boyfriend, is a well-known Puerto Rican trap singer. On his social media accounts, Bunny has millions of followers.

For instance, he has about 25 million Instagram followers. A well-known figure in the Trap music scene is Bad Bunny.

Gabriela Berlingeri Personal Life

Berlingeri is a lovely young woman. She has posted a lot of personal details about herself online. We carried out an extensive online search and discovered that she first met the well-known rapper Bad Bunny in 2017.

Benito Martinez Ocasio is known as Bad Bunny in real life.

They talked, and then they started dating. For three years, they kept their relationship a secret before announcing it in 2020.

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Gabriela Berlingeri Net Worth

This made it clear that Gabriela Berlingeri is a model—and a beautiful one at that. We also learned that she is connected to a renowned talent agency that offers her modeling jobs.

Although we are unsure of the model’s earnings, we can estimate that she has a net worth of about $500,000.

She also purchased a pricey, luxurious car. Moreover, she hasn’t shared a lot of information with her fans about her opulent lifestyle.

She has a good selection of branded clothing at home in terms of clothing and accessories.

Gabriela Berlingeri consistently enjoys dressing in upscale clothing and opulent attire.

As of 2021, her net worth was around $200,000. So, judging by her financial growth, she can reach $1 million USD by 4-5 years.

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Physical Appearance

She is a stunning young lady with excellent body proportions and a wonderful personality. Gabriela Berlingeri weighs 54 kilograms (116 lbs) and stands 5′ 8″(1.7 m) tall. She has a lovely body figure and is in good health. She has brown hair and eyes.

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