Pursuit of happiness!

Do you guys visualize the image of little Jaden Smith and his father, Will Smith? Does the movie teach a life lesson?

Is it right? There won’t be big sets, heart-throbbing action scenes, or vulgar dresses, but that movie has reached all cells of the body.

But the little kid who changed our lives is causing a slew of rumors and scandals.

Yes, Jaden Smith has always been in the news for his dating and sexuality rumors.

As a result, in this article, we will answer questions such as “Is Jaden gay?”

Let’s go!

Is Jaden Smith Gay?

Jaden Smith
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Jaden Smith is the son of popular actor Will Smith; he is not the guy who rose to fame because of his father’s popularity; instead, he reached the hearts of millions with his talent and skills.

In addition to being a great actor, Jaden Smith is a famous rapper and singer. He has won many prestigious awards for his songs.

And in 2022, he got nominated for the Grammy Awards.

Meanwhile, Jaden Smith’s style and dating history have drawn large crowds, fueling speculation that he is gay.

But the real answer is that Jaden Smith has never openly declared himself gay or a member of the LGBTQ community.

There were similar rumors that Jaden was gay in 2015, but Jaden’s representatives completely denied those rumors and publicly stated that Jaden is not a guy.

But after three years, Jaden publicly announced that he was dating Taylor. His announcement only added to the rumors.

So far, no information about Jaden Smith’s sexual orientation has been confirmed, and even Jaden Smith is remaining calm and not reacting to any rumors.

By looking at the cool and chill character of Jaden, we would like to dedicate a

Quote fragments for him

“This part of my life… this little part… is called “happiness.” He is giving his world a happy life.

Why Do People Think of Jaden Smith as Gay?

Jaden Smith-
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These are the things that lead people to speculate about his sexual identity.

Open Relationship Statement

Jaden Smith attended the Flog Gnaw Carnival music festival in Los Angeles, California, in 2018.

And during that concert, Jaden Smith openly stated that he is dating Tylor the Creator, which is as follows:

“I wanna tell you… Tyler doesn’t want to say, “But Tyler’s my motherfucking boyfriend, and he’s been my motherfucking boyfriend my whole fucking life!”

“Tyler, The Creator, is my motherfucking boyfriend! It’s true! Tyler, The Creator, is my fucking boyfriend. If you take anything away from this fuckshow, and that’s what you take away!

Yup, @tylerthecreator, I told everyone that you couldn’t deny it any longer.

And after hearing all these statements, Taylor shared a message on his Twitter profile, and here it is, to which Tyler responded: “Hahaha, you’re a crazy n***a man.”

Isn’t the conversation super romantic?

Now, what do you guys think about his sexual identity? Is he gay or bisexual?

But the next year, Taylor confirmed that all their couple and relationship claims were very sarcastic in nature.

This indicates that it is possible that it was just a rumour or that they dated.

Vogue Korea Editorial Look

Jaden Smith-pic
source: Instagram

For that look, Taylor wore a black skirt, blue nail polish, and a big flower in his hair.

His looks fuel the rumours even more, but we’d like to share another statement from Jaden to learn more about his inner self.

“If I want to wear a dress, I will, and that will start a new trend… The major reason he wore the skirt was to normalise boys wearing skirts and encourage people in the LGBTQ community to wear what they want.

Jaden is only 25 years old, but his thoughts on the LGBTQ community are admirable.

Past Relationships

If Jaden Smith is gay, he has most likely avoided dating women. But he did date women, as evidenced by the following:

In 2014, Jaden dated Kylie Jenner, but they broke up after a few years.

Then, in 2020, he started dating a model named Cara, whom he spotted when they watched a movie together.

Recently, Jaden’s rumored girlfriend is model Sab Zada.

And we can see that all his past relationships were with women, so it is hard for us to determine his gender identity.

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Bottom Line

Jaden Smith might be gay or might not be gay, but recently he has been running toward his goal.

But he has been suffering from lactose intolerance and celiac disease (an autoimmune disorder), so we wish him a healthy year ahead. He will be celebrating his silver birthday this year, his 25th!

Do you guys want to share your birthday wishes? Comment on it.

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