Are you guys great fans of Post Malone’s songs? Did you hear these famous songs like “White Iverson,” “Congratulations,” “Rockstar,” or “Beerbongs & Bentleys”?

If yes, you might have heard of the rumors and controversies around him.

If a person rises to prominence, his baseless rumors and controversies will come as some package deal.

Thus, rumors became part of their lives, and for a longer period, Post Malone was a victim of his sexual identity rumours.

Is Post Malone gay? To know the answers, the readers should read the whole article without fail.

Who is Post Malone, and What is his True Sexual Orientation?

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Post Malone is an American rapper famous for his blend of hip-hop, rock, trap, and pop.

He began his musical career in 2011 but rose to prominence in 2015.

His career growth was phenomenal, and he composed the music for the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

This rapping star has also been nominated for the prestigious Grammy Music Awards.

And all of his songs usually chart at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

On the other hand, Post Malone is also famous for his gay rumours. But it was a rumour, and Malone confirmed that.

And here is his statement:

People can say whatever they want, but they don’t know me. I’m not gay.

Yes, he is a straight heterosexual person who loves women, and we have proofs to prove our claims. Here we go!

Why do People Call Post Malone a Gay?

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Post Malone’s songs are always interesting to listen to, and in the meantime, his dressing sense raises some speculation about him.

He used to wear a short skirt and earrings on occasion. Here in this world, skirts and earrings are for straight women.

If the guy tries to wear all those things, then people will raise eyebrows to witness that.

And we would like to pose a simple question to our readers: If a guy wears a skirt or earrings, do we have to label him as gay?

No! right?

If a person wishes to wear something, they can! And Post Malone did the same, and this rumour based on his dresses is baseless.

Justin Bieber Friendship

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Justin Bieber and Post Malone are good friends, but even their friendship turned against the rapper.

There had been rumours spreading that Justin and Malone were dating. This rumour speculated on gender identity of Malone.

But even this is a baseless rumour, and both of them were very good friends, and Malone shared his friendship with Justin Bieber in these statements.

About Justin Bieber: “He’s a cool dude.” We have a lot of mutual friends. But nah, I’m not gay.

Rumours About Q-Eye Show

Q Eye is a well-known LGTBQ reality show in which four gay designers and lifestyle experts compete for the people’s votes.

People requested that all the judges accept Post-Malone as one of their participants.

All these requests reached those iconic gay designers!

After more requests, Q eye gay designer stated publicly why people are more interested in Malone participating in a gay show.

This led to huge speculation that Malone was gay.

Because if a larger number of people think the same about one person, they will eventually be able to turn the rumour into truth.

And it happened in the rapper’s case as well; people’s requests for Malone’s participation in the Q Eye Show are also reasons for this rumour.


In the above section, we have discussed a lot about the rumours, but now we will share our proof to reveal the gender of Post Malone publicly.

Past Relationships

Post Malone enjoys dating women, and they are,

Ashlen Diaz

Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz dated for 2 years, and they even made public appearances on the red carpet at musical award shows.

Despite the fact that he tattooed Ashlen Diaz’s initial, the pair became estranged.

Baek Ye-jin

Baek Ye-jin is a South Korean singer romantically involved with Malone. Still, even their relationship didn’t last long because she is South Korean and Malone is American.

Their long-distance relationships also failed.

Is Post-Malone Married?

In the year 2022, Post Malone announced that he would welcome his little angel into this world, and that baby’s parents are Post Malone and Jamie.

In the same year, Jamie and Post Malone got engaged, and there have been no updates on their marriage dates.

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Post Malone Open Statement

This is the open statement shared by Post Malone, and here it is for our readers.

The rap world thinks I’m gay. A lot of people out there do. They think I’m a homosexual, which is not a problem. I don’t want to say I’m gay or straight, but some people do.

They think I’m a homosexual, which is not a problem. I don’t want to say I’m gay, straight, bisexual, or any of that because that’s just…

Who cares? All that’s doing is dividing us.

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Bottom Line

Thus, we have proved that Post Malone is not gay but a straight man who loved his daughter to the core of the world.

People are always more intrigued to know about post-Malone tattoos, and in this case, his tattoo went viral and touched millions of hearts because he tattooed his daughter’s initials on his forehead as “DDP”!

Comment on your thoughts after reading this article.

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