Are you someone who never misses an episode of American Idol? Then do you like the hosting style of Ryan Seacrest?

If so, you may have heard the circulating rumour that Ryan is gay. What do you guys think about his sexual identity?

There are numerous rumours about Ryan, but in this article, we will share authentic information about him and prove his sexual identity without bias.

So, stay tuned with us to learn more about Ryan Seacrest.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay?

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Ryan Seacrest is the most influential person in the American entertainment industry; he is the host of the shows of American idols, and he has even been nominated for Grammy awards for his hosting style.

Moreover, his shows like Live with Kelly and Ryan and On Air with Ryan Seacrest are also very famous.

Ryan is the executive producer and creator of “Keep the Kardashians,” and his works are globally recognized.

At the same time, his rumours are spreading like wildfire.

And we would like to give a straight answer to this question for those who are more eager to know about it.

Ryan Seacrest, the famous television personality, is a straight heterosexual man who loves to date women, and a detailed explanation will be given in the upcoming sections.

Why do People Think Ryan Seacrest is Gay?

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There are some reasons why this rumour originated in the first place.

American Idol Judges Comments

Simon Cowell is one of the juries in the American Idol program and is known for his mean comments (he has given many good comments, but negative things spread more than positive ones!).

He used to make many homophobic jokes about Ryan.

One time he shared that “It’s Raining Men” was Seacrest’s favorite song. And that song stresses gay characters.

Moreover, Simon also shared that Ryan knows all his contestants’ heels, and he analyses whether the heels are trending or not.

Sometimes another judge, Randy Jackson, will team up with Simon to make fun of Ryan.

Though Simon’s remarks indicate that Ryan is gay, they are simply jokes that have to be laughed at. We cannot use this as a reason for claiming Ryan is gay.

Ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough Statement

Julia is the ex-girlfriend of Ryan, and one time she shared that before getting into the relationship with Ryan, she thought Ryan was gay.

Thus, in this statement, readers have to pay more attention to the word “before” since Julia didn’t share that after getting into a relationship, she learned about his real identity.

It was before!

And she didn’t share a single comment after breaking up with him.

It demonstrates that she heard the rumours and believed them.

Jennifer Lopez Answer

Jennifer Lopez is a golden idol, and one time, Ryan told her that he liked women, and Jennifer was shocked to hear his answer and asked, “Girls?”

Even a tiny part of celebrities’ actions will trigger rumours.

Because Ryan was thought to be gay by Lopez, sometimes, even the small talk of a celebrity becomes gospel, irrespective of its authenticity.

And the Ryan sexual orientation rumour is one of them.

Mannerism and Fashion Goals

Ryan Seacrest is a man of fashion; all his tuxedos and shoes show his immense knowledge of and interest in fashion.

Thus, sometimes Ryan will also share his overexcitement for women’s clothing.

And Ryan sometimes makes some feminine gestures as well. All of his exuberant behavior has also sparked rumors.

Cologne Issues

One time, Ryan shared that he used to apply women’s cologne to his pillows to show that he had slept with another woman.

But why and to whom is he attempting to demonstrate this?

We don’t know the answers to this question; if any of you know what they are, please share your thoughts.


Here in this section, we are trying to prove his sexuality.

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Ryan Seacrest Past Relationships

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Ryan was in and out of a relationship with model Sara Jean Underwood in 2019, and the couple’s relationship announcements were made on The Howard Stern Show in 2009.

After a few years of dating, the couple split up, and Ryan began dating Julianne Hough, a professional dancer, and actress who was a famous Dancing with the Stars contestant.

Then, in 2017, Ryan began dating model Shayna Taylor.

As a result, everything indicates that Ryan is primarily attracted to women.

Is Ryan Seacrest Married?

No, he is not married, but he is currently dating Instagram influencer, Aubrey Paige.

Is Ryan Seacrest have Children?

No, Ryan has not become the father yet.

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As a result, we conclude this article by stating that Ryan Seacrest is not gay but rather a straight man and that the rumours seemed unauthentic in the absence of solid evidence to prove his gay nature.

The end!

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