You might have seen many peoples getting famous due to their parents, siblings, and partners.

Here, Katharine Wilder is also among those people who have created immense fame after she became the adopted daughter of Gene Wilder.

She has a very interesting and rocking life story. So, begin this very amazing biography of Katharine Wilder and get everything about her life.

Katharine Wilder Bio Wiki, Daughter of Gene Wilder, Marriage, Net Worth, How old & More
NameKatharine Wilder
Birth DateAround 1960s
Birth PlaceUSA
AgeAbout 55 Years Old
Height5'6'' feet
Net Worth$500,000
ParentsMother - Mary Joan Schutz
Father - Gene Wilder (Step)
Marital StatusUnknown
ResidenceUnited State of America

Who is Katharine Wilder?

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Katharine Wilder is a famous American actress and TV personality. She is widely famous across the world for being the adopted daughter of the renowned actor, Gene Wilder.

Her mother got engaged with him and she eventually started calling him her dad.

After listening to such emotional words, Wilder decided to marry her mother and to adopt her as his daughter.

He did everything similar he thought. However, the relationship ended after Katharine suspected Wilder of an affair with another woman. Let you see below how these all started and what happened next.

Early Life of Katharine Wilder

Katharine Wilder was born in about 1970s in the United State of America. Her biological mother, Mary Joan Schutz is widely popular for being the ex-wife of the famous actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Gene Wilder.

He is also the adopted father of Katharine Wilder. She has never revealed her real date of birth or about his biological father.

Katharine completed her elementary education at a high school in her native place. She then enrolled in a college to pursue her further education.

Further, she has never disclosed any information about her childhood. Ultimately, she likes to keep her private life so far from the public eye.

Katharine Wilder Career

Katharine Wilder was so far from public attention before her mother, Mary Joan got married to the famous actor Gene Wilder.

And that’s why her past career is still a mystery. She started knowing as the only child of Wilder who had married four times in his life.

This all started after Wilder’s divorce from his first wife, Mary Mercier. Shortly, he started dating Katharine’s mother, a friend of Wilder’s sister, Corinne.

As Mary and Wilder fell in love and started dating, Katharine eventually began to call Wilder her ‘dad’.

This emotionally melted Wilder’s heart and he decided to marry her mother and to adopt her as his daughter.

On 27 October 1967, Wilder married Katharine’s mother, Mary Joan Schutz, and adopted Katharine the same year.

Their loving life went peacefully for a long time, however, hit the rocks after 7 years.

As a result, they got separated in 1974. Katharine broke her relations with Wilder as she suspected him of an extramarital affair with Madeline Kahn.

She also considered him guilty for the breakdown of her mother’s relationship with Wilder.

Katharine wilder adopted father
Katharine Wilder Adopted Father

Later, Wilder presented his sadness in a 2002 interview saying about having a daughter and losing her when she is around 23 years of age.

He has also written a book title ‘Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art” for Katharine and originally released in March 2005.

Although, he was in doubt that either Katharine would read his book or not. But he was hoping that she will read the book and things might be better again between the both.

Wilder had always hoped that Katharine would reconcile one day. However, sources say that this never happened.

Unfortunately, Wilder expired away in August 2016 while listening to one of his favorite songs, ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Ella Fitzgerald.

He died of Alzheimer’s disease and was 83 years old during his death.

Katharine Wilder Personal Life

Katharine Wilder born and raised in America. While talking about her marital status, it is unknown to the whole world. Katharine Wilder has succeeded to keep her private life far from the public eye.

In fact, she has never revealed her educational qualifications, marriage, children, or anything about her personal life. She likes to keep herself far from publicity and even can’t be caught by the media.

Katharine is totally unavailable on every social media platform.

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Katharine Wilder Net Worth

Katharine Wilder estimated net worth is $500,000 US dollars as of the year 2022. There is no authentic source of her earnings available to the public.

Earlier in 2021, her total wealth is unknown. However, we believe she would had quite  a nice amount last year as her fortune. 

Although, she also creates her wealth as an actress. As she is very far from public attention, no one can say her earning source clearly.

Ultimately, Katharine has no financial problems and she has always her mother who can stand with her in bad situations.

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The Bottom Line

Katharine is a lady which earned a lot of fame after her mother got engaged to the famous actor, Gene Wilder. This is the only reason why peoples want to talk about her.

Despite this, she has also created her own image and fame as an actress. There is not much information about her as she likes to keep everything secret.

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I hope you enjoyed reading the biography and story of Katharine Wilder. Let you share your feedback about her and this story.

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