Katharine Wilder (born in the 1960s) is a famous American actress and TV personality best known as the adopted daughter of Gene Wilder, a popular actor.

Although she stays away from the media these days still people are looking to know about her. And that’s why we have brought her biography. Here we will know her age, net worth, mother, father, career, movies, and where she is these days.

Profile Summary
NameKatharine Wilder
Birth Date1960s
Birth PlaceUnited State of America
AgeAbout 60 Years Old
Height5 feet 6 Inches
Net Worth$500,000 USD
ParentsMother - Mary Joan Schutz
Father - Gene Wilder (Step)
Marital StatusUnknown

Who is Katharine Wilder?

katharine welder image
Gene Wilder and Katharine Wilder

Katharine Wilder is a famous American actress and TV personality famous as the adopted daughter of renowned late actor Gene Wilder.

Katherine’s mom got together with him, and she began to call him her dad. After hearing these touching words, Wilder chose to marry her mom and officially become her step-dad.

He did everything just like he thought.

But sadly, the relationship ended when Katharine thought Wilder was being unfaithful to her mom with another woman. Check out below to see how all of this began and what happened next.

Early Life of Katharine Wilder

Katharine Wilder was born in the 1960s in the USA to her mother Mary Joan Schutz and her anonymous father. Her mom, Mary, was married to the famous actor, Gene Wilder.

This is how Gene Wilder became her stepdad. Katharine finished elementary school at a local high school. Then she went to college for her secondary education.

She has not shared much about her childhood. She prefers to keep her personal life private.

Katharine Wilder Age

Katharine Wilder is around 60 years old as of 2023 because she was born in the 1960s. Her exact date of birth and year have not been revealed, however, we know that she was adopted in 1967.

And thus as per such data, we believe that she was born in the 1960s.

Katharine Wilder Mother

Katharine Wilder’s mother is Mary Joan Schutz who was first married to an anonymous man with whom Katherine Wilder was birthed.

After that, her mother started dating Gene Wilder through Gene’s sister. And shortly after their dating journey, they decided to tie their knot and things went this way.

However, there were some difficulties in the coming years and they had to get separated.

Katharine Wilder Career

Katharine wilder adopted father
Image: Katharine Wilder Step-Father

Katharine Wilder used to live a private life before her mom, Mary Joan, married the famous actor Gene Wilder.

Because of this, we don’t know much about her earlier career. She became known as Gene Wilder’s only child, who married four times.

This story began after Gene Wilder divorced his first wife, Mary Mercier. He then started dating Katharine’s mom, who was a friend of his sister, Corinne.

As Mary and Gene fell in love and dated, Katharine began calling Gene her “dad.” This touched Gene’s heart, so he married Katharine’s mom and adopted Katharine.

Katharine Became Gene’s Step-Daughter

On October 27, 1967, Gene married Katharine’s mom, Mary Joan Schutz, and adopted Katharine in the same year.

They had a happy life for a while, but after 7 years, things got difficult and they separated in 1974. Katharine cut ties with Gene because she thought he had a relationship with Madeline Kahn while still married.

She also blamed him for the problems between him and her mom.

Gene talked about his sadness in a 2002 interview, sharing his feelings about having a daughter and losing her when she was around 23.

He even wrote a book called “Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art” for Katharine, published in March 2005.

He wasn’t sure if she’d read it, but he hoped it could help mend their relationship. Gene always wished for Katharine to come back to him, but it seems that never happened.

Sadly, Gene passed away in August 2016 while listening to his favorite song, “Over the Rainbow” by Ella Fitzgerald. He died at 83 years old due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Katharine Wilder Personal Life

Katharine Wilder was born and grew up in the United States. Her marital status is a mystery to everyone. She’s really good at keeping her personal life private and hidden from the public.

She hasn’t told anyone about her education if she’s married if she has children, or anything personal. She prefers to stay away from the public eye and doesn’t let the media find out about her.

Katharine is not on any social media sites at all.

Where is Katharine Wilder Now?

Katharine Wilder is currently somewhere in the United States of America living her life away from the media. As we already know, she has no social media handles and thus we can’t track her life location.

However, we can expect her presence to be within the country of USA, though this is also not on facts.

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Katharine Wilder Movies

Below are Katherine Wiler’s known movies:

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Murder on the Orient Express
  • Branagh Theatre Live: The Entertainer
  • All is True
  • Frontier

Katharine Wilder Net Worth

Katharine Wilder has an estimated net worth of $500,000 USDas of the year 2023. She has made most of her wealth through her acting career.

She has appeared in around five films and TV series which is enough to make her a millionaire. However, her other earning sources are not revealed.

However, as per her life story and career, we can predict that she would have somewhere around $500,000 USD which would help her live her life away from the media.

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Facts About Katharine Wilder

  • Katharine Wilder is famous for being the adopted daughter of actor Gene Wilder.
  • She was born in the 1970s in the USA.
  • Katharine’s mother, Mary Joan Schutz, married Gene Wilder and he became her step-dad.
  • Gene Wilder married Katharine’s mother after she started calling him “dad.”
  • Katharine’s relationship with Gene Wilder ended when she thought he was being unfaithful.
  • She finished elementary school and went to college for further education.
  • Katharine is known as Gene Wilder’s only child.
  • Gene Wilder adopted Katharine in 1967 after marrying her mother.
  • Their relationship became difficult, and they separated in 1974.
  • Katharine Wilder is a private person, keeping her personal life hidden from the public.

Final Thought

Katharine became well-known because her mom married the famous actor Gene Wilder. That’s why people are curious about her.

She’s also made a name for herself as an actress, even though she keeps a lot of things hidden.

I hope you liked learning about Katharine Wilder’s story. Feel free to share your thoughts about her and this article.

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