Lisa Eldridge (26 October 1974) is one of the most famous and leading makeup artists in the world from the United Kingdom.

Let’s talk about Lisa Eldridge who is very small and achieved huge success, In this article we have covered her detailed biography including age, net worth, height, makeup career, and more.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Lisa Eldridge
  • Birth Date: October 26, 1974
  • Birth Place: England, United Kingdom
  • Age: 48 Years
  • Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches
  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Profession: Makeup Artist
  • School: Complexions (Artistry school)
  • Education: Theatrical Makeup
  • Sister: Francesca Maria Eldridge
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Marriage Date:2007
  • Husband: Robbin Derrick
  • Children: George Derrick
  • Nationality: British
  • Residence: London

Who is Lisa Eldridge?

Lisa Eldridge image

Lisa Eldridge is one of the most famous and leading makeup artists in the world.  For all the designers, editors, art directors, photographers, and celebrities across the world Lisa Eldridge’s makeup had become indispensable.

Similarly, the red carpet looks created are her are praised are freshly invented, and her flawless innovations surprise and mesmerize at the same time.

Lisa is a makeup artist for whom makeup is more than mere shiny and glittering faces, but it also highlights humanity and creativity.

She is one of the most respected and experienced makeup artists at the international level.

Her modern approach to beauty makes her the show stopper of all the beauty circuits. Currently, she is working as a businesswoman, makeup artist, and YouTuber.

Lisa Eldridge Early Life

Lisa Eldridge was born in England on October 26, 1974.  However, she went to New Zealand with her parents. But later she returned to the United Kingdom and settled with her family in Liverpool.

When she turned six her passion for makeup aroused when she discovered her mother’s vintage makeup at her grandmother’s house.

Further her interest deep down when as a teenager she studied stage makeup and she made up her mind to pursue a career in makeup.

Lisa Eldridge Age

Lisa Eldridge is 48 years old as of 2023. In her journey through life, she has become one of the most famous and leading makeup artists in the world.

Over the years, her age has brought wisdom and experience, allowing her to perfect her craft and share her expertise with countless individuals seeking beauty advice.

Age has been a friend to Lisa, enhancing her skills and making her a respected authority in the world of makeup.

The Journey of Lisa Eldridge

When she moved to London, Lisa began the course in photographic makeup artistry. She took this course from Complexions.

She started signing with a makeup agency and even making her portfolio.

When she worked with model Cindy Crawford on the behalf of ELLE Magazine she got her first-ever break.

ELLE as well as Crawford were amazed at her makeup and decided to work on several projects together. At this point, Lisa’s fame began to rise and build her reputation very rapidly.

She not only stayed in London but moved to different locations like New York, Paris, and Los Angeles regularly for fashion shows, advertising campaigns, and photo shoots.

Now she lives in London.

Her success continued to rise and her work appear on the pages of different world’s leading fashion magazines including many famous magazines Chinese, French, British, British, LOVE magazine, Vogue, Allure, Glamour, celebrity shoots, beauty, and fashion.

Lisa Eldridge image

Lisa is a multitalented artist and knows how to maintain her works.

Besides editorial assignments, she cooperated with beauty brands and fashion houses for international advertising campaigns and runway shows.

Lisa’s makeup is praised all around the world and recently she was named as one of the people ‘Shaping The Global Fashion Industry’ by the Business of Fashion.

The list was made in 2013 for 500 people included in the Fashion for shaping the makeup industry.

Rise to Fame

Since 6 January 2015, she is representing Lancome as the Makeup Creative Director.

In October 2015 Lisa Eldridge published her first book. Her first book Face Paint: The Story of Makeup was written after gathering a lot of information about the history of makeup.

The book also became very popular in the fashion world and became one of the best sellers in the New York Times.

She has been an inhabitant on-screen on the successful TV series of the Channel 4 called ‘Ten years younger.

She appeared regularly on Lorraine and GMTV and came on-screen on the Today Show in the US with a massive audience of 9.7 million.

She also started her own YouTube channel and proved herself one of the most successful makeup artists on YouTube by creating online makeup tutorials for her site.

For a decade from 2003 to 2013, Lisa functioned as Creative Director for Boots No 7.

In this, she redesigned, redeveloped, and relaunched her brand. Since June 2011 she is working with Chanel.

Her job is to create 40 unique videos per year for the site.

Lisa Eldridge Personal Life

The renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge gained immense success during his career as well as stepped into happiness by getting married.

In 2007 Lisa has married Robin Derrick. Robbin Derrick is a creative director and a professional photographer. Currently, Lisa and Robbin are living in London.

They had a son named George Derrick. Robbin has another Luke Derrick from his second relationship.

The husband of a makeup artist is an experienced photographer and art director. He is the co-founder of My Beauty Brand PLc. For twice Robbin has won the PPA Magazine Designer of the Year Award.

At this time, she is living a fantastic life with her bright career and beautiful family. She often shared her unconditional love for her husband with her audience.

Lisa Eldridge Net Worth

Lisa Eldridge’s bright and successful career is the main source of her income. She also earns from her YouTube Channel. She is one of the wealthy makeup artists.

The estimated net worth of Lisa Eldridge is $3 Million.

Such huge wealth has been generated after her long hard work and efforts. This also proves the fact that rewards are particularly fixed while pursuing the journey of your valuable career.

Lisa Eldridge Facts

  1. Lisa Eldridge is a renowned makeup artist from the United Kingdom.
  2. Lisa stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches.
  3. Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million.
  4. Lisa Eldridge attended Complexions, an artistry school, for her makeup education.
  5. She is married to Robbin Derrick, a creative director and photographer, since 2007.
  6. They have a son named George Derrick.
  7. Lisa Eldridge has worked with famous models like Cindy Crawford and has appeared in top fashion magazines.
  8. She serves as the Makeup Creative Director for Lancome since January 6, 2015.
  9. Lisa Eldridge is a successful author with her book “Face Paint: The Story of Makeup,” which became a New York Times bestseller.

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