Nathan Saidden (born on 30 April 1989) is a YouTube comedian best known as one-half of the web duo Superwog with his brother Theodore Saidden.

We have covered his biography, so let’s read the article to learn his age, height, net worth, age, career, and more.

Nathan Saidden Profile Summary
NameNathan Saidden
Birth Date30 April 1989
Birth Place Australia
Age34 Years Old
Height5 feet 9 inches
Net Worth$3 million
Profession YouTuber
Sibling Theodore Saidden
Marital StatusSingle

Who is Nathan Saidden?

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Nathan Saidden is apparently one of the most successful Australian YouTubers along with his brother Theodore Saidden.

Superwog1, which is a combination of both brothers, went on to do live performances throughout Australia, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and scored a deal with Adult Swim.

Nathan is also known as one of the most comedic internet celebrities.

Early Life of Nathan Saidden 

Nathan Saidden was born on 30 April in the year 1989. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Nathan Saidden was born to his mother who is Greek-Egyptian and a father who is Egyptian. Thus he is of Egyptian ancestry.

Though he was born and brought up in Australia, his ethnicity relates to Egyptian descent. His family follows the religion of Christianity and so do the superwog siblings.

The names of his parents are not known in the public domain as of yet but his brother is also the famous Theodore Saidden.

Nathan Saidden did his schooling at a famous school in Australia known as Trinity Grammar. The school is famous for its colonial and regimented rules and socially accepted elite student body.

From the very early age of 10 or 11, she showed interest in impersonating people and making such videos.

Later on, he and his brother would decide to enter the social media forum and make a name for themselves worldwide.

Nathan Saidden Age

Nathan Saidden is 34 years old as of 2023 as he was born on 30 April 1989.

At this age, Nathan has become a well-established YouTube comedian, gaining fame as one-half of the web duo Superwog alongside his brother Theodore Saidden.

Throughout his career, Nathan has continued to create hilarious content that resonates with audiences worldwide, showcasing his comedic talents and making people laugh with his unique style of humor.

Nathan Saidden Career 

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Nathan Saidden is best known for his Superwog with his brother Theodore Saidden. He is an actor and a director both.

Nathan is also a YouTube comedian best known as one half of the web duo Superwog with his brother Theodore.

Together, they have accumulated more than 1.3 million subscribers on their superwog1 channel. Nathan Saidden was born on April 30, 1989 in Australia.

He and his brother are heavily influenced by Chris Lilley and Sacha Baron Cohen. The brothers got their start filming impressions of their family members when they were children. They developed an interest in comedy while at Sydney’s Trinity Grammar School.

The duo is also famous for their stint in making Miniseries.

Nathan Saidden Personal Life

Nathan Saidden is currently single. He is not dating anybody as of 2023.

He mentioned that he is not interested in any relationship as of now as he is not ready for that type of commitment.

Moreover, both he and his brother are more interested in making their YouTube channel a more pronounced and well-known social media forum.

There is no information available regarding any of his previous relationships as he is not comfortable with such information going into the public forum where it can be misused.

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Nathan Saidden Net Worth 

Nathan Saidden’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as of 2023.

This amount seems to increase every year as and when their popularity increases and their YouTube channel increases in followers and subscribers.

His main source of income is his social media handle like YouTube. Also, his other social media accounts may or may not earn him money, it is not known yet.

Nathan Saidden also earned his lot while acting and directing the Miniseries.

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Physical Appearance 

Nathan Saidden has a very cute looking face with a strong and sturdy body. Though he has not established his physical statistics himself, it can be estimated that he is 5 feet 9 inches tall or about 175 centimeters.

His weight is about 75 kilograms or around 150 pounds.

He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Nathan Saidden is more of a bulky man than a lean person.

He usually dresses up simply in a casual shirt and shorts.

However, it is known that he does not smoke and is completely against smoking, especially for young adults, and is an advocate against it.

Nathan Saidden Facts

  • Nathan Saidden is a popular Australian YouTuber, known for his comedy, and he collaborates with his brother Theodore Saidden.
  • They make content under the name Superwog1 and have even performed live shows in Australia.
  • Nathan is also recognized as a humorous internet celebrity.
  • Nathan has Egyptian and Greek-Egyptian heritage, even though he was born and raised in Australia.
  • He attended Trinity Grammar School in Australia.
  • Nathan’s interest in impersonating people and creating videos started when he was just 10 or 11 years old.
  • Nathan Saidden and his brother Theodore have over 1.3 million subscribers on their Superwog1 YouTube channel.
  • Nathan’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million in 2023, mainly from his YouTube channel and acting.
  • He stands about 5 feet 9 inches tall, has a sturdy build, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He is known for his anti-smoking advocacy.

So this is all you need to know about the brother of Theodore Saidden, the other half of superwog.

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