Have you ever listened about an actor who passed away from the world but still people like to know and search about them?

It is the result of the hard work that they did during their life that they are still fresh in memories. One of them is Pedro Weber, let’s read about him.

Who was Pedro Weber?

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Pedro Manuel Weber Chavez more commonly known as Pedro Weber was a Mexican actor and comedian as well. He was also known as Chatanuga.

He died at the age of 82 because of cardiovascular disease and his death place was Mexico City, Mexico.

It will be interesting to know about the personal life of Pedro Weber.

Early Life of Pedro Weber

Pedro Weber was born on November 27, 1933, in Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco, Mexico. He was connected to a family with a combination of Mexican and Arab roots while his father was of Lebanese origin.

His mother was habitual of playing piano and painting. We can assume that from his mother he got his artistic veins.

Because if looking at his interest then it was clear from a very young age that Weber want one whose minds run after business but his mother developed the artistic interest in him to step into the theatre.

Weber’s career has some glimpse of politics involved in it too. He had the president of Mexico Gen as the godfather of baptism.

His father was thanked by Manuel Avila Camacho as he held a significant position in Health during his six years of the presidency from 1940 to 1946.

Nothing has been found about his academic background of Weber till now.

Pedro Weber Career

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The artistic taste was introduced to Weber by his mother. He was immersed in the theatre and due to his restive character, he was expelled from the schools that he attended at different events.

Weber got his first job at the Psychiatric Hospital La Castaneda where he was seen collaborating in different areas. He acquired the treasure of knowledge from the experimental surgery laboratory.

He dedicated almost four years to his laboratory work but he had the realization even while doing this that this was not his thing. Similarly, he didn’t want to devote the rest life to it.

At every weekend at the city’s ballrooms, his passion for dancing used to come out which Weber visited frequently with his friends.

Adalberto Martinez Resortes came while searching for talent and Chatanuga was even rejected in it but he didn’t lose hope and started to practice a routine of jokes and dance.

His routine showed him some hope and Weber began working in tents and continued this work for 10 years. He even worked on terraces that were working as cinemas and from this point his career took a professional start.

Weber suffered many times during his work as when they had to go out on tours they used to ask for rides from truckers.

Further in his Life

In this work, he performed for 10 years in the position of Master of Ceremonies in the Corona Carvan. For the latter three years, he served as the stage director at Madison Square Garden located in New York.

After completing this long season, Weber was working at the Theatre Blanquita which was a musical comedy show that he continued for five years.

In addition to his work as an actor, Weber has also collected anecdotes. Among these anecdotes, his favorite is one that he collected with composer Jose Alfredo. Jose Alfredo was also his legal witness in his first marriage.

In 1964, Weber began to participate in films and two films in which the actor participated in the same year were The Diabolical Duchess and Two Knights of The Sword.

After these films, new projects began to come to the actor and from this point, he began his career in films.

Pedro Weber Personal Life

Till now we have not found anything clear about the personal life of Pedro Weber however, it is known that he was married at least once.

In 2004, Weber was treated under several cardiovascular studies and stayed for a few weeks under medical treatment.

He was also kept under a rigorous diet as his weight exceeded 120 kilos.

Weber has mentioned some actors whom he considers as their brothers. Their names are Enrique Rocha, Lalo El Mimo, Polo Ortin, Ramon Valdes, Chespirito, Andres Garcia, Rafael Inclan, Raul “Chato” Padilla, and Manuel Flaco Ibanez.

Pedro Weber has not been present between us as he died due to cardiovascular disease on 21 March 2016 in Mexico. At the time of their death, his age was 82 years.

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Pedro Weber Net Worth

Pedro Weber was a celebrity who became famous after appearing in El Vampiro teporocho in 1989, then in 1990 in Compadres a la Mexicana, and El privilegio de Amar in 1998.

Moving to his net worth Pedro Weber was a rich actor even at the time of his death as his estimated net worth at that time was $1.9 million.

This huge net worth was the reward for the years that he invested in the acting industry.

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