Susie Hariet (born on 22 December 1975) is a famous actor and the wife of Dan Stevens. She is a singer too and is known for her humanitarian nature.

In this pose, we will read all about Susie Hariet bio, age, height, weight, husband, children, net worth, parents, and facts.

Who is Susie Hariet?

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Susie Hariet is a famous actor and the wife of Dan Stevens. She is a singer too and is known for her humanitarian nature.

Dan Stevens’ wife Susie Hariet started acting and she ended up featuring in films such as Worth (2007), Forget Me Not (2010), and The Dark Room (2010).

Early Life of Susie Hariet

Susie Hariet was born on December 22, in the year1975. She is currently 47 years of age and will be 48 this year.

She now has American nationality but is considered to be African- Scottish descent and is of white ethnicity.

Susie was raised in South Africa by her parents and grandparents.

However, she has managed to keep details of her early life private, so little is known about her family.

She grew up with a passion for music, which became more evident after joining an elementary school, where she overheard other girls singing and playing the guitar and piano.

She soon developed an affinity for it and decided to further her career in it.

After enrolling in high school, she learned how to play various musical instruments and took part in school plays.

She then relocated to England, where she kick-started her career as a jazz vocalist and singer. Her mother was also an actress, which inspired her to venture into acting at a point in her life.

She then set out to venture into Hollywood and make her mark in the acting race.

Susie Hariet Career

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Susie Hariet is an actor by profession. Also, she takes up dancing and singing as her profession.

After completing her high school education, she launched her career as a jazz vocalist and singer.

She also started performing in theaters and soon became a singing teacher.

Dan Stevens’ wife Susie Hariet started acting and she ended up featuring in films such as Worth (2007), Forget Me Not (2010), and The Dark Room (2010).

Her husband’s presence in her life seems to cover up her day job because he has also contributed greatly to her popularity. Nevertheless, she is still a singer, and actress and performs plays in theatres.

Susie Hariet Personal Life

The famous and talented American actor Susie Hariet is married to Dan Stevens. Though she is seven years elder than Dan, they have a perfectly happy marriage.

Susie Hariet crossed paths in 2006 when they were both performing in various theaters in Sheffield, England.

In an interview with Channel 24, a South African station, Dan is quoted saying: “She stayed on for a bit, and she was working in theatre. And we met when she was doing a show, and I was doing a show next door, we used to hang out.”

Dan Stevens and Susie Hariet dated for three years, and in 2009, they decided to live their lives forever and they got married.

Dan Stevens and his wife have three children Willow Stevens, born in 2009; Eden Stevens, born in 2016; and Aubrey Stevens, born in 2012.

After their son’s birth, Dan Stevens and his family relocated from London to New York in 2012.

They reside in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

The couple views South Africa as their second home as they also spend much of their time in Johannesburg.

Susie Hariet Net Worth

According to various sources, Susie Hariet’s net worth is around $ 6 million as of the year 2023.

Her career as a professional actor and a dancer has helped her live a good lifestyle.

Susie lives a comfortable life and she earns well. She fends for herself too well and likes to wear branded clothes.

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Physical Appearance

Dan Stevens’ wife stands at a height of about 5 feet and 6 inches tall, approximately 168 centimeters. The actress and singer have chosen not to reveal her weight and other related details about her physical appearance.

However, she maintains a healthy weight as can be seen in her pictures when she makes appearances with her husband.

She does have auburn hair and brown eyes. She has a very pretty face and a slender body.

Both Susie and Dan have said they complete each other and understand each other’s unfinished sentences. They love each other and live happily married life along with their children.

Facts About Susie Hariet

  • Susie Hariet, born on December 22, 1975, is a well-known actor and singer.
  • She is married to actor Dan Stevens and they have a happy marriage despite a seven-year age gap.
  • Susie Hariet was raised in South Africa and later moved to England to pursue her career in music and acting.
  • She developed a passion for music while in elementary school and learned to play multiple musical instruments.
  • Susie Hariet began her career as a jazz vocalist and singer, eventually becoming a singing teacher.
  • She ventured into acting and appeared in films like Worth (2007), Forget Me Not (2010), and The Dark Room (2010).
  • Susie and Dan Stevens have three children: Willow (born 2009), Aubrey (born 2012), and Eden (born 2016).
  • The couple relocated to New York in 2012 after the birth of their son.
  • Susie Hariet’s estimated net worth in 2023 is around $6 million, earned through her acting and dancing career.
  • She is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, with auburn hair, brown eyes, and a slender physique, and she values her privacy regarding her physical details.

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