Yeferson Cosio (born on May 15, 1994) known as YEF, is a model, musician, and content creator from Colombia. 

In this post, we will read Yeferson Cosio’s age, height, weight, family, wife, children, career, net worth, and girlfriend.

Yeferson Cosio Profile Summary
NameYeferson Cosio
Birth DateMay 15, 1994
Birth PlaceMedellin, Colombia
Age28 Years Old
Height5 Feet 8 inches
Net Worth6 Million
ProfessionModel, Musician, and Content creator
Marital Statusin a relation
GirlfriendJenn Muriel

Who is Yeferson Cosio?

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source: Instagram

Yeferson Cosio, also known as YEF, is a model, musician, and content creator from Colombia. Because of his popular songs like “Donde Estas”, “Esa Mujer”, “Through the Glass”, and many others, he is well-known throughout the world as a vocalist.

He is well-known for his work as a fashion model. He garnered the admiration of many by posting a variety of his modeling images and material for his 9.3 million Instagram followers

Early Life of Yeferson Cosio

Yeferson spent the majority of his youth living with his family and siblings after being born in Medellin, Colombia, on May 15, 1994. Yeferson hasn’t yet posted any specific details about his family and relations on any social media sites.

However, we then learned that Papi Cossie is his father and that Cintia Cossio, who is also a well-known fashion model and social media influencer, is his sister.

Yeferson’s childhood was extremely pleasant because he had his parents’ unwavering love and attention. They are constantly satisfying every need he has to attain his objectives.

In plain English, Yeferson’s upbringing unquestionably played a huge role in the amount of development he is currently experiencing.

He graduated from the high school in the area, transferred to a music school, and earned a bachelor’s degree in music and the arts there.

At the same time, he became enamored with music and decided to pursue a career in it.

Yeferson Cosio Career

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source: Instagram

Yeferson, who has always loved music and singing, decided to pursue a profession in that area. After releasing a few music videos and cover songs, he first became well-known as a musician.

His hit song “Esa Mujer,” which reached the top of numerous music charts and amassed millions of views on various social media platforms, including YouTube, propelled him to international stardom as a performer.

In addition to this, Yeferson has performed a number of well-known songs, including Through the Glass, Donde Estates, and numerous others.

In 2013, Yeferson Cossio began his modeling career after being seen by the agencies Stock Models, Informa Models, and Athenea Models.

Later, beginning in November 2014, he participated in posting more modeling images on his Instagram news feed.

Cossio attends numerous tattoo conferences, including the Cali Tattoo Expo and the Hall of the World in Quito, Ecuador, as an ambassador for the Bodytech company.

In addition, he has amassed millions of fans across a variety of social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

Yeferson is the Instagram user with the most followers because of his attractive images and fashion-related posts.

By posting his singing, dancing, and lip-syncing videos on TikTok, he has also racked up millions of fans.

Personal life

Given Yeferson’s huge fan base, everyone must be anxious to know his current romantic situation. Yeferson Cossio isn’t dating anyone. He and Jenn Muriel, a woman, are living together in a loving relationship.

Instagram and TikTok are only two of the social media sites where Muriel is well-known. In fact, there is a tonne of photos of his girlfriend on Cossio’s Instagram.

His parents and sibling, who have reportedly offered Yeferson love and support all during his career, share a strong bond with him. Yeferson Cossio is an enthusiastic animal lover and has two to three pets.

Yeferson Cossio’s admirers have hypothesized that he is gay because of his supposed involvement in adult movies.

His interests include singing, dancing, reading, writing blogs, traveling, photography, cycling, and mountain climbing. We’ll update this post if we discover any new information about any of these.

Taurus is the Zodiac Sign of Yeferson Cossio.

Physical appearance

The approximate height and weight of Yeferson Cossio are 5′ 8″ and 76 kg, respectively.

Additionally, he loves getting tattoos, and his body is covered in many. His dark brown eyes contrast with his black hair. Along with exercising regularly, he maintains a muscular physique.

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Yeferson Cosio Net Worth

The estimated 2023 value of Yeferson Cossio’s net worth is 6 million USD or more.

The performer, who was born in Colombia, has a lucrative music career. Yeferson also makes substantial sums of money from sponsorships, endorsements, and advertisements.

He also has more than 9.9 million Instagram followers. His principal revenue streams are from modeling, commercials, brand marketing, advertisements, endorsements, singing, recording, live concerts, and various business endeavors.

As of 2022, Yeferson Cossio’s net worth was reported at $4 million. As of 2021, Yeferson Cossio’s net worth was predicted to be $2 million.

Facts About Yeferson Cosio

  • Yeferson Cosio, known as YEF, is a Colombian model, musician, and content creator, born on May 15, 1994.
  • He gained worldwide recognition as a vocalist with hit songs like “Donde Estas” and “Esa Mujer.”
  • YEF is also a successful fashion model, known for sharing modeling images and content with his 9.3 million Instagram followers.
  • He was born in Medellin, Colombia, and comes from a loving family, including his father Papi Cossie and sister Cintia Cossio.
  • YEF pursued higher education in music and the arts, earning a bachelor’s degree in music.
  • He started his modeling career in 2013 and later gained popularity for his music.
  • Yeferson has released popular songs like “Esa Mujer,” “Through the Glass,” and “Donde Estas,” earning millions of views.
  • He is widely recognized on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.
  • Yeferson is in a loving relationship with Jenn Muriel, who is also well-known on social media.
  • His estimated net worth as of 2023 is around $6 million, primarily from his music career, modeling, sponsorships, and endorsements.

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